Jaedo Choi

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Joint Program in Business and Economics at the University of Michigan.

I will join the Federal Reserve Board of Governors as an economist this fall.

Research Fields: International Economics, Macroeconomics

Address: 701 Tappan Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Telephone: +1 (734) 263-4680

E-mail: jaedohi@umich.edu

Curriculum Vitae: CV

Working Papers

Technology Adoption and Late Industrialization (with Younghun Shim)

Latest Draft (April 2022)

The Long-Term Effects of Industrial Policy (with Andrei A. Levchenko)

Latest Draft (July 2022), submitted

NBER Working Paper 29263 | CEPR Discussion Paper 16534

A non-technical summary: NBER Digest, VoxEU.org

Lobbying, Trade, and Misallocation

Revise and resubmit, Journal of International Economics

Latest Draft (October 2021)

Sequentially Estimating the Structural Equation by Power Transformation (with Roger H. Moon, Jin Seo Cho)

Conditionally accepted, Econometric Theory

Latest Draft (May 2022)

Internal Migration, Sectoral Reallocation, and Large Devaluation

Latest Draft (July 2022)

Research in Progress

From Imitator to Innovator: Appropriate Technology Policy in Developing Countries (with Younghun Shim)

STEG Small Research Grant

Social Network in Production Network (with Barthélémy Bonadio)