Jaedo Choi

I am an economist at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. 

This is a personal website. Any results or conclusions in the research presented on this website are my own and do not necessarily represent the view of the Federal Reserve System. 

Research Fields:  International Economics, Macroeconomics

Address:  Constitution Ave NW & 20th St NW, Washington, DC 20551

Telephone:  +1 (734) 263-4680


Curriculum Vitae:  CV 

Working Papers

[New] Superstars or Supervillains? Large Firms in the South Korean Growth Miracle  (with  Andrei A. LevchenkoDimitrije RuzicYounghun Shim)  

Latest Draft  (February 2024) 

Technology Adoption and Late Industrialization  (with  Younghun Shim)  

Latest Draft  (October 2023) 

STEG Working Paper 033

From Adoption to Innovation:  State-Dependent Technology Policy in Developing Countries  (with Younghun Shim)

Latest Draft  (September 2023)

STEG Small Research Grant

The Long-Term Effects of Industrial Policy  (with  Andrei A. Levchenko)

Latest Draft  (August 2023)

NBER Working Paper 29263  CEPR Discussion Paper 16534

A non-technical summary:  NBER Digest,  VoxEU.org

Internal Migration Adjustment in Large Crises

Latest Draft  (February 2024)

Lobbying, Trade, and Misallocation

2nd round revise and resubmit, Journal of International Economics

Latest Draft  (February 2023)Older Version (October 2021)


Sequentially Estimating the Structural Equation by Power Transformation  (with Roger H. Moon, Jin Seo Cho)

      ForthcomingEconometric Theory

Final Draft  (July 2022)  | Journal Link

Research in Progress

Social Network in Production Network  (with Barthélémy Bonadio)